Migrated to WordPress – yay!

Whew! This page was getting really rusty! I finally managed the transition to wordpress, which is – to be honest, as hard as it feels – a major improvement compared to textpattern. When I got into this whole CMS business ten years ago, I was really impressed by how simple and effective textpattern was. At that time, it felt like the perfect solution for all my website needs. But it’s not like that today anymore, unfortunately. So, at long last, I made the jump and am now using wordpress like all the cool kids. Well, not exactly like the cool kids, because they probably all know a ton more about how this works than I do, but still … an improvement.

Alas, welcome to my new wordpress website – which still doesn’t contain any noteworthy content, but hey! It’s a website! It’s on the web! It’s pretty, it’s even responsive –if you’re on one of those nifty smart-thingies– and it’s … a website. There you go.

Oh, and if you happen to need a translation from English into German – you might just as well request a quote. I may not be good at frequently posting stuff to the web, but I’m one powerhouse of a translator! I respond quickly, I’m always on time (thanks to my German heritage), I love what I’m doing and I’m absolutely pleasant to talk to (if you can suffer a rather distinct German accent, that is). So, get in touch or keep doing what you’re doing – either way: enjoy your stay!